1. Innitial Evaluation

PPM Restoration begins by providing the owner with "big picture" analysis of the project

Focusing on:

- Whether the proposed project fulfills the needs and purposes initially intended

- A realistic and comprehensive project budget

- A realistic and comprehensive project schedule

2. Design

- Recommend architects and engineers for the proposed project. Participate in their eval- uation and selection. Obtain the requisite authorization to engage them. Provide owner with a template contract written to protect the interests of the owner.

- Provide established standards, guidelines, and indices in the design and cost of typical construction projects to effectively project the cost of proposed projects in dealing land- lords, architects, consultants, contractors and subcontractors.

- Review architectural, structural and mechanical drawings and specifications to provide maximum feasible construction economics, aesthetic acceptability and efficient plant operations and maintenance.

- Coordinate municipal approval process.

3. Procurement

- Prepare Sub-Contractor bid packages to promote comprehensive and competitive re- sponses.

- Assist in the selection of qualified contractors and/or subcontractors invited to submit bids. Review the qualifications of prospective bidders by analyzing their respective licensing, bonding capacities, insurance limits, financial capabilities, staff, references, and work histories.

- Supervise and coordinate the receipt and evaluation of bids and awarding of contracts.

- Analyze all potential unit prices for potential incremental cost increases.

4. Pre-Construction

- Assure adequate approval is obtained from all appropriate governmental authorities.

- Prepare comprehensive cost summary for owner’s approval.

- Prepare comprehensive project schedule with milestones and long lead purchases.

- Prepare tailored sub-contracts for all vendors including but not limited to Teledata (IT), Audio/Video, Kitchen Consultants, Stained Glass, Elevator Consultants, Expeditors, Liturgical Design, Marble Restoration, Decorative Painting, Acousticians, Environmental Consultants.

5. Construction

- Evaluate progress of sub-trade to determine sub-contractor’s performance in adhering to plans, specifications, and construction standards.

- Review, negotiate and/or approve on behalf of the owner change orders modifying con- struction documents.

- Hold weekly on-site meetings with the sub-contractors, architects, engineers, and other consultants and/or representatives of the Owner.

- Recommend corrections in work performed, solutions to design and construction problems and methods for expediting project progress according to schedule.

- Review, correct and/or approve all sub-contractor requisitions for payment based on the percentage of work performed by each trade.

- Respond to written and verbal emergency requests from the owner to visit and inspect premises. Resolve labor and other project disputes.

- Assist with the process of controlling project cost within contract terms and approved budget.

6. Close-Out

- Coordinate the process for obtaining adequate approvals from all appropriate authorities to obtain all required clearances such as Certificates of Occupancy, Certificates of Operation, etc. Assist architect and engineers in reviewing completion of work in order to prepare punch list. Prepare all as-built drawings from trade contractors for submis- sion to Architect and Owner.

- Ensure appropriate commissioning of all mechanical equipment including training of owner's staff, receipt of all operating manuals, and implementation of maintenance schedules.

- Obtain all pertinent close-out documents including waivers of lien, contractor’s and manufacturers’ applicable guarantees and/or warranties, and municipal approvals.


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